Call for interest: Applications welcome for HEU-EFS’s Patient Advisory Group

Consortium partners are pleased to announce a call for representatives for a Patient Advisory Group (PAG) for the project ‘Harmonised Approach to Early Feasibility Studies for Medical Devices in the European Union (HEU-EFS)’. Applications remain open until 20 February 2024.

The Patient Advisory Group will discuss and provide recommendations for structured patient contribution to Early Feasibility Studies, in short EFS, to make more patient-centred medical devices. Early Feasibility Studies (EFS) are small-scale research studies or tests done in the very early stages of developing a medical device or treatment to see if it is practical, safe, and worth pursuing further. EFS help assess whether an idea or concept has potential before investing more time and resources into full-scale development and testing. The patient perspective in Early Feasibility Studies is highly important.

The PAG is meant to form a hub for patient centricity and engagement across HEU-EFS’s implementation. The aim is to recruit a maximum of ten representatives. Read more here